Sometimes we have to admit that we take better care of our vehicles than we do ourselves…

Therapy that Makes Sense

I’ve learned about the courage it takes to say to yourself, “Okay. I need help.” As a therapist, I’ll coach you on ways you can keep your mind in good “running order.” Working together, we will find the right tools for healing and feeling better about yourself.

In my own journey, both personally and academically, I’ve been curious about how we learn from the past and then move on. For my PhD research, I interviewed more than 100 nurses, physicians, architects and others, asking how they learned from their own mistakes in a professional setting. I now use many of their methods to help my clients.

Over the years, I’ve worked with military veterans and their families, people with all kinds of substance abuse problems, families whose problems might go back for a generation or two, Head Start moms on the south side of Chicago in the 60s, and patients at mental health centers in three states. Most of these people were not very, very sick; they simply needed help in getting their mind in better “running order.”

One Step at a Time

Remember, as the seasons of our life change, we will need to use new perspectives and refined tools.

Treatment Areas

Wilderness Path in Smoky Mountains
  • Addictions including substance abuse and behaviors
  • Career Challenges such as job, training, and relationships
  • Codependency
  • Family Relationships
  • Grief
  • Memory
  • Moodiness: depression, anxiety, or a combination

  • Special Education, including gifted abilities

  • Spiritual Practice, including Christianity

  • Trauma, including PTSD

  • Veterans' issues related to family and PTSD

“Together we would choose whether you meet as an individual, family, or another kind of group.”